Radio Station Checklist
"Stuff" You Need to Know & Do BEFORE You Go On The Air!
By Larry James

Below is a checklist of things to do to prepare for radio interviews. Larry James is a professional speaker and author of four books and has done hundreds of media interviews around the country. Check out his website for other information useful to authors:

Setting up the interview:

What to SEND the Host:

Be prepared, i.e., have your "cheat sheets" and book(s) in front of you. Be sure to have answers (brief) written out for the sample questions you sent the host. Most radio interviews are by phone. If you go to the studio, take your "stuff" with you. Answer questions mentioning you book every so often, for example: "As in my book, How To Really Love The One You're With, blah, blah, blah. OR, "I'm sure your listeners will want to know where to get a SINGED copy of my book... Always say your best stuff first. If your interview went well, ask for a praise comment from the host. The best time to ask for this is IMMEDIATELY after the interview.

If you know speaker/authors who would be a good fit for the show you were on, refer your friend to the host/producer. then, call your friend and give them the lead. In your thank you to the host, include their name(s) and phone number.

Copyright © MCMXCVIII Larry James. Larry can be reached by email at:



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