Five Reasons to Self-Publish

Self-publishing may not be for everyone (see article: Is Self-Publishing For You?). However, there are many advantages should you decide to venture on your own. Following are excerpts from A Simple Guide to Self-Publishing by Mark Ortman.



Most royalty publishers work on an 18 month production cycle. Do you want to wait that long to get into print? Typically, self publishing will take 4 to 9 months (depending on your marketing plan) after completing the manuscript.


If you like the final say on the direction of your projects, then self-publishing will give you this freedom. While a royalty publisher's experience and advice may be beneficial, why give a third party the final say, particularly if their interests and intentions may be different from your own.


After signing a contract, a royalty publisher would own certain rights to your book, thus preventing you from printing copies when he looses interest and places your book out of print . . . unless of course, you purchase those rights back. A self-publisher owns all of the book's rights and may sell all, none or a portion of those rights at any time.

Make Money

Why accept a 5 to 15% royalty when you can have a 20-80% (or more) margin? Sure, a royalty publisher may have the distribution in place and will finance the project, but guess who does all the promoting anyway? If your self-published book proves successful, then you can pursue a royalty publisher and negotiate from a position of strength and experience.

To Be In Print

Not everyone publishes for money. There are several other reasons, such as: Seeing your name in print, leaving a legacy to your family, to promote your business or sharing what you have learned with others. Whatever your motive, a book is a personal expression that can lead to new experiences, possibilities and opportunities. A book takes on a life of its own, and you can be part of that exciting life.

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