Promote Your Business Through Publishing
An article by Mark Ortman


Writing a book is a powerful marketing tool for entrepreneurs. Publishing a book about your expertise can promote your business, penetrate niche markets and spark local or national publicity. Whatever the benefit, getting your book in print can be a profitable and rewarding experience. When we put our ideas on paper, we make a commitment to what we represent. This adds credibility to what we say and do. The question remains . . . "how do I get my book published?"

With several thousand manuscripts being submitted to publishing houses each week, only a very small percentage is selected. Persuading a publisher to finance and distribute your book is often a frustrating experience filled with rejection letters and delays. Even then, limited promotional backing for first time authors often restrict the books potential. Unless you are a celebrity or prolific writer, chances are slim of your gaining the favor of a commercial publisher. All is not lost. Self-publishing has become the fastest growing segment of the publishing industry today. Because of the computer and desktop software, anyone can publish a book for a fraction of what it once cost. If your book proves successful, the same people who turned you down may come knocking at your door. Then, you can negotiate terms from a position of strength and experience.

Consider what Fred Cockfield did. After 15 years as a teacher and music store owner, he conveyed his methods in a self published book titled: Power Tools For String Bass. He sold copies of his 70 page book to customers and students. The book took off creating a buzz in the music industry. As a result, a large publisher offered Fred a generous advance against royalties, enough for a down payment for his first house.

Attorney John Graham, decided writing a book would help promote his personal injury practice. Since he didn't have the time nor inclination to write the book himself, he hired to professional writer. Several meetings and four months later, the manuscript was complete. Packaged with a beautiful cover design, he printed 10,000 copies to give away to chiropractors who in turn gave the complimentary copy to their customers. This became so popular in the chiropractic community, requests were rolling in for his book eventually drawing the media's attention. Everyone was happy. Chiropractors were eager to give his book away to their customers which informed them about their personal injury rights. John received publicity and strengthened his referral base. John admits that the benefits of publishing a book far exceeded his expectations and was an extremely profitable way to promote his business. No amount of investment in space advertising could have yielded him the results his book created.

Writing a book to promote your business is a practical way to bring your message to your market. A book is a personal expression that can lead to new experiences, possibilities and opportunities. Self-publishing is a vehicle to share what you know, build credibility and promote your business at the same time.

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