Best Books on Publishing

There are many books written on book publishing. The following are recommended resources for writers, authors and independent publishers, based on being user-friendly, informative and well written. These books may be found at your local library or purchased direct from by clicking the book title.


A Simple Guide to Self-Publishing - NEW REVISED 3rd edition! A Step-by-Step Handbook to Prepare, Print, Distribute & Promote Your Own Book. The place to start!

Mark Ortman


The Self-Publishing Manual - How To Write, Print and Sell Your Own Book

Dan Poyner


The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing - Everything You Need to Know to Write, Publish, Promote and Sell Your Own Book

Tom & Marilyn Ross


Publishing For Small Press Runs - How to Print and Market From 20 to 200 Copies of Your Book

Gary Michael Smith


Book Marketing

A Simple Guide to Marketing Your Book - What An Author & Publisher Can Do To Sell More Books. The place to start! JUST REVISED

Mark Ortman


1001 Way to Market Your Books - Today's Most Complete Handbook on Marketing For Authors and Publishers

John Kremer


How to Market a Product For Under $500 - A Step-By-Step Action Manual for Marketing A Product Nationally

Jeffrey Dobkin


Publish To Win - Smart Strategies to Sell More Books Through Non-Traditional Outlets

Jerrold R Jenkins & Anne M Stanton


Words That Sell - The Thesaurus to Help You Promote Your Products, Services and Ideas

Richard Bayan


Book Blitz - Getting Your Book In The News

Barbara Gaughen & Ernest Weckbaugh


Literary Market Place - Directory of the American Book Publishing Industry (2 Vol. Set)

R.R. Bowker



The Prepublishing Handbook - What You Should Know Before You Publish Your First Book

Patricia Bell


Publishing For Profit - Successful Bottom-Line Management for Book Publishers

Thomas Woll


The Book Publishing Encyclopedia - The Secrets of Successful Publishing

Ronald Ted Smith


The Business of Books - Complete Overview of The Industry From Concept Through Sales

Claudia Suzanne


Handbook of Publishing Law- For Authors, Publishers, Editors and Agents

Jonathan Kirch


Writers' Guides

How To Get Happily Published - A Complete and Candid Guide to Getting Published

Judith Applebaum


2002 Writers Market - Where & How to Sell What You Write

Kirsten C Holm


Book Editors Talk to Writers - Insights From The Experts on Getting Your Book Published

Judy Mandell


2002 Guide to Literary Agents- 500+ Agents Who Sell What You Write

Rachel Vater


How to Write Irresistable Query Letters - An Easy-to-Follow Guide to Writing Professional Queries That Produce Sales - For Articles and Non Fiction Books

Lisa Collier Cool


Nonfiction Book Proposals - How to Get A Contract and An Advance Before Writing Your Book

Elizabeth Lyon


Negotiating A Book Contract- A Guide For Authors, Agents and Lawyers

Mark L Levine


Do The Write Thing - Making the Transition to Professional

Gloria Stern


Electronic Publishing: - The Definitive Guide. A complete guide to online publishing

Karen Wiesner


Other Popular Wise Owl Books From

Now That Makes Sense! Relating to People With Wit & Wisdom

Mark Ortman


The Teachers Book of Wit - Quips, Quotes and Anecdotes to Make Learning More Fun

Mark Ortman



A Simple Guide to Self-Publishing | A Simple Guide to Marketing Your Book

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