A Simple Guide to Marketing Your Book

What An Author & Publisher Can Do To Sell More Books

By Mark Ortman

A Simple Guide to Marketing Your Book is a concise step-by-step guide to marketing your book. Complete with all the resources , references and instruction you need to: Define and locate your target audience, determine the best places to distribute your book and the many ways of creating a demand using publicity and promotion. REVISED EDITION

 ISBN 0-9634699-4-0 / 93 pages / 5.5 x 8.5 softcover / $10.95 US


"This powerful volume packs tremendous punch page after page!
With its step-by-step instruction, resources and clear straightforward dierection,
this book is appropriate for every publisher's resource shelf.
- Mary Westheimer, President, BookZone

"This refreshingly succinct handbook is the easiest way for independent publishers
to organize their book marketing campaigns."
-Jerrold R. Jenkins, President, The Jenkins Group

"This book is 100% meat and potatoes, no filler added.
Jamed packed full of valuable information that will help you sell more books."
-Bobbie Hurst, Book Publicist

"Avoid costly mistakes with this quick, step-by-step,
easy to follow primer on book marketing."
-Jan Nathan, Executive Director, Publishers Marketing Association

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