Best Seller A Simple Guide to Self-Publishing - NEW REVISED 3rd Edition October 2003

A Step-by-Step Handbook to Prepare, Print, Distribute and Promote Your Own Book

By Mark Ortman


A great answer to the seemingly endless complexities of getting your book out. A MUST READ before you take the leap!"
- Writer's Information Network



"For anyone who hankers to be in print, this books deserves a place on the shelf between Writer's Market and your favorite dictionary." - Library Focus



A Simple Guide to Self-Publishing lays a solid foundation for understanding the self-publishing process. A helpful nuts and bolts guide for navigating this sometimes trecherous course. -
Writers' Journal



This book functions like an expanded action list. You cam keep it close at hand to remind you of the things that really need to be done. Highly recommended!"
Small Press Exchange

An award-winning step-by-step guide to prepare and publish your own book. Complete with all the resources, references and instruction, including: preparing your manuscript, where to print your book for less, distribution options, how to publish your book on-line, eBooks, print-on-demand publishing and proven promotional strategies. Also, how to use the Internet to promote and distribute your book.

ISBN 0-9634699-1-6 / 64 Pages /6 x 9 softcover / $10.95 US  


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A Simple Guide to Self-Publishing | A Simple Guide to Marketing Your Book

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